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DoWeKnow Studies the Book of Revelations - Don Love Ministries-doweknow studies Revelation, Rapture,
Tribulation, End-time beast, etc.


(Note: the further we go into our study of the Book of Revelation, the more understanding we are gleaning that relates to the earlier chapters. We are going back and adding that understanding to the earlier sections of our study and marking them "revised" with the date that we make the changes. If you are re-visiting a page, you might have to hit the "reload" or the "refresh" button at the top of your browser to view the revisions .)

(revised 1/26/03)

The Seven Golden Candlesticks
(revised 1/25/03)
Message to the angel of the church of Ephesus
Message to the angel of the church of Smyrna

Message to the angel of the church of Pergamos
Message to the angel of the church of Thyatira
(revised 1/26/03)
Message to the angel of the church of Sardis
Message to the angel of the church of Philadelphia
Message to the angel of the church of Laodiceans

The remainder of the Book of Revelation is comprised of a series of repeats of Daniel's 70th Week, a few parentheses, and a conclusion. The following links will take you to the different sets/renderings of Daniel's 70th Week, to the designated parenthesis, or to the conclusion.

1st Set CHAPTERS 4:1 - 6:2(revised 12/30/02)
2nd Set CHAPTERS 6:3-6(revised 12/30/02)
3rd Set CHAPTERS 6:7-11(revised 12/30/02)
4th Set CHAPTERS 6:12 - 7:17(revised 1/5/03)
5th Set CHAPTERS 8:1-7(revised 1/5/03)
6th Set CHAPTERS 8:8-11(revised 1/12/03)
7th Set CHAPTERS 8:12 - 9:12(revised 1/13/03)
8th Set CHAPTERS 9:13 - 10:7(revised 1/14/03)
9th Set CHAPTERS 10:8 - 11:14(revised 1/20/03)
10th Set CHAPTERS 11:15-19(revised 1/21/03)
-The 1st Parenthesis-REV. 12:1-12
11th Set CHAPTERS 12:13-17(revised 1/25/03)
12th Set CHAPTERS 13:1-18(revised 1/31/03)
-The 2nd Parenthesis-REV. 14:1-13
13th Set CHAPTERS 14:14-16(revised 7/18/00)
14th Set CHAPTERS 14:17-20
-The 3rd Parenthesis-REV. 15:1 - 16:1
15th Set CHAPTERS 16:2-3
16th Set CHAPTERS 16:4-9
17th Set CHAPTERS 16:10-16
-The 4th Parenthesis-REV. 17:1-18
18th Set CHAPTERS 16:17-21 & 18:1-3
19th Set CHAPTERS 18:4-24
20th Set CHAPTERS 19:1-3
21st Set CHAPTERS 19:4-21
22nd Set CHAPTERS 20:1-3
23rd Set CHAPTERS 20:4-5a
24th Set CHAPTERS 20:5b-15
Conclusion-part 1
Conclusion-part 2


You will see our love for the prophetic Word as you get on into our web site; nevertheless, let me admonish you to put prophecy in its proper place. If you are fairly new to the Bible, then prophecy, for the most part, should be put on the back burner until you are familiar with the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), the Book of Acts, and the epistles of the New Testament. These are the sincere milk of the Word that we are commanded to study so that we might grow in the grace of the Lord. In the Gospels and the epistles you will find a prophetic Word to the Church, the most thorough being our Lord’s teachings in Matthew 24 and 25. (Our book on this site entitled THE CLOCK OF THE AGES is a study of that teaching.) It’s important that we all keep in mind that the contents of the book of REVELATION, the last book in the Bible, is for the world universal and Israel in particular--and that for the most part, the things prophesied in that book will not come to pass until the Church has been removed to be with the Lord. The Church does have the responsibility to see that the Word in REVELATION is delivered to the world, but its primary responsibility is to feed upon the Word of God, to grow in grace and truth, and to share the love of God with the world. If we are faithful in this responsibility, we will not be suckered in by the alarmists shouting "the sky is falling," and we will be ready for the things coming down the pike for the Church in the days ahead. Remember, the Church is not to be saying, "Woe is me!"—but "Maranatha"—i.e., "Come quickly, Lord Jesus."

DOWEKNOW as an individual all that there is to know about the Book of Revelation? Obviously not! DOWEKNOW as a Body know all that we should about the days that lay ahead? Probably not. Consequently, if any of you see something that we are missing in our study, feel free to WRAP it to us through our WRAP AROUND feature and we will share it with our visitors--or we will answer you by return E Mail explaining why we chose not to use it and give you Scriptures for the reason why.

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