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It has been brought to my attention that there is a web site on the web that at first glance appears to link my name, Don Love, with the Mormon Church. As anyone will see who checks out the web pages created by Don Love Ministries, we have no affiliation with the Mormon Church. In fact, we are an independent ministry and have no affiliation with any religious organization, be it Catholic, Protestant (Assemblies of God, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc.) or Mormon (the church that refers to its members as latter-day saints).

We have made an image of the particular web site and attached it to this page. The site was produced by an Australian search engine called Matilda which is one of the largest and most popular search engines located outside the Continental USA. [Needless to say--but we will--Don Love Ministries is grateful that Matilda has included its pages on their engines for their engines are very fast and serve a lot of people.] Apparently one of our web pages is being promoted on Matilda's web site alongside sites affiliated with the Mormon Church. This probably came about simply because their sites and ours are at the top of the sites being hit by surfers on the web—and for this we are also grateful.

Revelations--DoWeKnow studies END-TIME REVELATIONS by looking at Old Testament Revelations and New Testament Prophecy--seeing how they relate to today's churches and seeing how many of today's churches are fast fulfilling those Biblical prophecies...especially the prophecies concerning the end-time apostate churches.

But let me address why we feel the need for this disclaimer; for in so doing I will be emphasizing one of the purposes for our web pages. I'm talking about the fact that denominations with their hierarchy and structure are dividing and fostering distrust among those who are doing their best to love God and to serve His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

One doesn't have to observe the church world long before it becomes apparent that the many denominations (the word means divisions) with their differing dogmas and creeds are at odds with one another and that they are very careful to maintain their distance and their suspicions of one another. Sadly, all of this is to the confusion and bewilderment of a world that the Bible says is lost and dying in their sin. All of this must be to the dismay of God Who has commanded we believers to love one another so that the world might see our unity and believe. And what are they to believe? They are to believe the Gospel's account that God sent His Only Begotten Son Who was born of a virgin and Who accomplished the death, burial, and resurrection that was written of Him.

So not only are the differing denominations opposing one another with their divisions, but they are also in disobedience to their God. As a result of their denominationalism, there are new religious organizations constantly  springing up on the scene that the denominations label as "cults" because they have teachings and practices that differ from theirs. It is sad that those who are denominationally minded do not realize that a cult is defined as group whose teachings and practices conflict with what the Bible teaches—not one whose teachings and practices conflict with their "turned-in" dogmas and creeds. And it is also unfortunate that the denominational leaders don't comprehend that their rebellion has nurtured an atmosphere wherein "cults" and "perceived cults" are able to flourish.

Unfortunately, many of the casualties of this hullabaloo of confusion [and who is the author of confusion?] are the church members of the differing organizations. For the most part, these are people who are sincerely trying to understand and to please the God Who made them, the God to which they must one day give account for what they have done in this life. These members are usually unaware that the leaders of their organization or association have laid aside the great commission in order to concentrate their efforts on maintaining the "hungry dinosaur" created by their predecessors. [Could it be that their "job security" and their positions of prestige are also a strong motivation?] How sad it is that the leaders of the dwindling denominations do not comprehend that if they would only obey God and present His love as is demonstrated in the death of His Only Begotten Son, that their churches would be full, their jobs secure, and the author of confusion would be held at bay.

But let's go back now to my disclaimer. I AM IN NO WAY ALLIGNED WITH ANY DENOMINATION OR RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION AND NEITHER IS DON LOVE MINISTRIES. In fact, it is the intent of this ministry to cause the leaders of the different denominations to look at their divisions—and the fruit of those divisions. We would also ask the individual believers to examine the fruit of the branch to which they are attached and ask themselves: "Is this a soul-winning church? Am I growing to spiritual maturity in the liberty that is mine in Christ Jesus?"

Remember Saints, the followers of Christ were already given a name in the Bible, they were called "Christians" at Antioch and their hope was "Maranatha. [come quickly Lord Jesus]" They did not greet one another with "What church do you belong to?"

Think about it.

Yours in Christ,

Don Love