Israel's Day In The Sun???


Must she play a role in the destiny of the world? Is there anything to the new term "end-time Israel" recently coined in the western world? Are the things Moses and the prophets predicted for Israel in the last days fast coming to pass? Does the persecution that Israel has so often suffered at the hands of men speak of something other than the cruelty of man? Could it be that Israel and the world will soon see the end to Israel's wait for her redeemer—COULD IT BE THAT ISRAEL'S REDEMPTION TRULY DRAWS NEAR? Is there anything to Israel's expectations re: her Mashiyach (Israel's Messiah)? Is Israel now fulfilling the prophecies that she would be a "cup of trembling" for the whole world?

Israel's day in the sun...

"Doweknow" takes an in-depth look at Israel's place in the sun by looking at the words of Moses and the prophets of Israel and Judah. That Israel cannot be ignored should be obvious to anyone. In every nation in the world, it is unusual if Israel does not have a place somewhere in their daily newscasts. In addition, the western world finds itself with a strong but apprehensive link to modern-day (end-time?) Israel—one that could easily plunge it into war without a moments notice. And all of this defying the astronomical, mathematical odds of Israel even being in existence—especially since the footprints of all the neighboring tribes at the time of Israel's inception have long since been erased by the shifting sands of time. Let's face it; for the little nation Israel (whose regathering fulfilled Ezekiel's prophecy of the dry bones coming together), nothing is ever simple. All of this making one wonder, is this Israel's day in the sun, or is it, as say the prophets, Israel's midnight hour?

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